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precision, compassion, humour

Dr. Sandra Parker

Registered Psychologist & Author

With precision, compassion, humour, and a fierce loyalty to your drive for health, Dr. Sandra Parker is here to help you become all you are meant to be.

embracing unrest

embracing unrest

Harness Vulnerability to Tame Anxiety and Spark Growth

Stop bracing against life and feel more alive to the moment. Whether you feel distracted, overwhelmed, or anxious, or if you never worry but instead push yourself too hard and sometimes wonder what it’s all for, Embracing Unrest shows you how to come home to your body and matter.

Dr. Sandra Parker is a Registered Psychologist who, for over 30 years, has helped people turn toward their inner experience with compassion. Her new book, Embracing Unrest: Harness Vulnerability to Tame Anxiety and Spark Growth, which is available to ORDER NOW,  invites people to tune in to “unrest”: a spike of nervous system activation that heralds vulnerability. Unrest signals the optimal moment to come home to the body to resolve anxiety, depression and loss of intimacy. Unrest gives you a way to know when growth is calling, and a way to answer your unique call for maximum personal power.

Power of Emotion

Whether you want it or not, emotion moves you. That is vulnerable. Emotions are your embodied reaction to reality, letting you know what is true for you. Emotions are physical. They can be painful and seem scary. But experiencing emotion in your body enlivens and matures you. When you can fully feel your emotions you can be more authentic, resilient and intimate with others. You can be yourself.


Health is being confident in your authentic self, alive to the moment, and connected to the truth of your emotions. Anxiety removes you from your real self and present reality. It traps you in a remembered-past or an imagined-future. Anxiety disempowers you and distracts you from the power of now with threatening stories and self-criticisms.


Depression is not sadness; it is a loss of connection with the powerhouse of core emotion. Depression is an experience of having lost touch with yourself. When you’re depressed, nothing matters because you don’t matter. You’ve disconnected from the truth of your emotions, from the information and energy that flows through you like a river. As a result you are paralyzed and stuck, and you lose hope that things can be different.


Do you want to be your real self and open up more fully to others? Among our deepest desires is to be seen and known in the inner depths of who we truly are; among our deepest fears is to be rejected there.

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