How I Work

I help people who want to be more fully themselves to grow their capacity to notice, tolerate and regulate little signals of anxiety in the body, steering them toward emotion.  So they can matter.  So they can grow.

The steps of growth

We make a genuine connection.

I help you matter, in what you feel in the moment, in your body.

We cultivate the stance for growth: WIN – warmth, interest, & non-judgment.

We approach what is uncomfortable, despite the urge to move away.

We identify and dissolve barriers to the full experiencing of yourself.

We grow your capacity to tolerate the vulnerable truth of being human.

You stay present in your body, taking care of the vulnerability there, over and over.

You ride waves of emotion to new shores of yourself, over and over, gaining access to your core capacities for meaning, purpose and power.

You become more deeply yourself, able to cope, and more connected to others.

A Relationship & A Process

Therapy is a relationship. We honour certain boundaries in our work such as structure and fees.

I work actively, respectfully and collaboratively with you on the internal emotional problems you want to resolve.  

You may resist the pain of growth in the places where you have needed to in the past.  You may try to defend against the discomfort of your vulnerable feelings.  That is natural.
I help you see and feel what those defenses have cost you, and I make it safe enough for the real you to emerge.

I model a new way of relating with yourself that is compassionate, so that you can experience what it feels like to have someone in your corner over and over again.  As you internalize our relationship you will have that safety within you always.

Out of repeated experiences of being held in my heart and mind you grow your ability to have your experience and hold yourself in all the richness and complexity of who you most deeply are.  You become a compassionate ally for yourself so you can risk being all you are meant to be.