We come into life with a hunger to grow.

We are all born wanting to experience life with our whole hearts and to emerge as our most authentic, resilient and connected selves.

But we are also born into bodies that are very protective of us, with a prime directive to keep us alive. Originally that meant things that could physically harm or kill you. But now it also means you are oriented to avoid what simply “feels” threatening, including any experience that is new or different or painful. You are simply wired that way, to avoid discomfort. And as you grew up, things may also have happened in your family and in the larger culture to further reinforce this habit to steer away from what it feels like to be a vulnerable human.

So, although you are born with a longing to emerge into your soul’s largest intentions, you may sense you are living a smaller version of yourself than you are meant to be.

There is a way back onto the path to your most authentic self, to your biggest life.

You need to listen to unrest when it stirs. Unrest is a sharp spike in your nervous system. Unrest calls you home to the moment and asks you to tune in to your body so it knows it is safe enough to feel.

Listen to your body as it signals you in moments of vulnerability, pay attention to those sensations with warm interest and non-judgement.

When you bring attention inward you can soothe the body and free yourself to feel the truth of your emotion. When your body knows it is not in danger, waves of emotion can carve deeper and deeper channels inside you for being your most authentic, resilient and connected self.

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