Neuroplasticity is an amazing growth pathway. Your brain can literally rewire itself. That is pretty incredible. But even more incredible is that you can become an active co-creator of your inner growth. If you know what to look for you can tune in and help the process along. Unrest is the signal you want to look for, understand, and soothe so you can grow.

The path to growth requires your presence.

Moments of vulnerability are among our greatest opportunities for growth. Unrest is your best friend because it highlights the precise moment for you to tune in and pay attention. When you take enough time to feel into experiences of vulnerability in your body and then slow down to reflect on what you feel, your brain wakes up and runs new connections to help you live differently.

Growth arises out of experiences.

But it is not enough to just experience something to grow – we must also take time to feel the experience in our bodies and then we need to reflect upon what we experience by paying attention. We need to bring compassionate awareness to our inner felt experience to activate and transform neural pathways in the brain.

Tune in to unrest – the tightening of your muscles and the shortening of your breath and the speediness of your energy – and know it is not danger. Know it is your call to growth. Soothe your body and feel the truth of emotion and become more fully alive.

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