Has anyone seen my missing hour of sleep? We all sprang ahead last weekend and I’m not feeling so springy (even though, holy blooming crocuses, it’s almost Spring!). That lost hour hit me hard and reminds me (yet again!) of my human vulnerability; I’m not in control of soooo many things. And that vulnerability calls for self-compassion.

I found myself waking tired and grouchy and ignoring that (and me) this week. It took days before I noticed, and in those days I gritted my teeth and slogged through and got the job done. But my cherry blossom heavens! I missed out on the only thing that matters – moments of life.

There were new angles of sunlight touching the earth and happy eye crinkles on loving faces and bouncing pups on bright green grass all asking for my presence. But I was distracted and, though I noticed, I didn’t feel them.

You need to feel your vulnerability with compassion in your body to let yourself matter.

Being vulnerable and mattering with compassion

Of course we need to get things done, but we also need to matter. We adapt to this changing world: seasons, people, weather, time, aging and did anyone mention Covid? Many forces touch us and shape our fates, our lives. We are vulnerable and that feels like unrest in our bodies, and that needs compassion.

Finally I tuned in to my body. I got out of the argument (“Do this!” “I don’t want to!!), and felt sensations of unrest with compassion. Instead of pushing and shoving myself toward my goals I brought warm attention to the bracing in my body.

As I breathed compassion into my vulnerability my body exhaled with gratitude. I caught up with my sprung-ahead self.

Bring compassion and attention to what your body feels

As you bounce back from difficulty and delve for authenticity and stretch for connection, remember to come home. Listen for your body as it invites you to tune in and take care of its question: Are we safe?

Bring attention to what your body feels when you’re faced with vulnerable limits so it can settle, and you can matter.

The richness of your life requires compassionate awareness of your body.

May each of us vulnerably spring ahead and take time for self-compassion.

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