Embracing Unrest

I am excited to announce my first book is in the hands of my publisher! Woo hoo! Out October 18th, 2022, Embracing Unrest: Harness Vulnerability to Tame Anxiety and Spark Growth answers the question of why is it so hard to “be here”?

It reveals the optimal moment to tune into the body to counter problems of experience avoidance, such as anxiety, detachment, loss of meaning, and loneliness. The heart of our suffering is all the ways we leave our inner experience when we are vulnerable. This book will help you feel more alive to the moment and transform anxiety to confidence, disconnection to engagement, and apathy to aliveness.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey to publication with you and offering content that I hope will help you live an authentic, resilient and connected life.

To learn more about how you can transform anxiety to confidence and apathy to aliveness, please watch the videos below.

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