My fingernails on this keyboard still have dark lines of soil just at the quick, where the good earth will not leave me. I’ve been out with the weeds and the birds and the worms and I am calm inside. Washed by the dirt and awake with the buzz of new life emerging. Grounded.

I close my eyes and still see soft red maple leaves budding out, stark against the pale blue sky. Pink magnolias decorate plain brown branches as they fork and curve. I marvel at new shoots of hosta, horns of purple, cream and palest green, as they pierce the earth. And dandelions! Sunlight come to earth.

new life

This bursting forth of spring is familiar and shocking, flagrant in its uninhibited joy. Giddy enthusiasm meets the flow of forces deep and subtle, as life renews. No false modesty, no shyness, and no self doubt. No wondering about its worth, its welcome. Each living thing giving all it has to be here with all it has. Not a stingy member among them, this springtime riot of living things.

Embrace the vulnerability of longing

The garden is always teaching me. Today it spoke of embracing the vulnerability of longing and reaching for what you want. No doubting, no holding back. The time is now to stretch and reach for the light.

Your gifts are wanted and needed. You are already worthy even in the unfolding and the unfinishedness of you.

It is tender to emerge, yes. But that risk is met with joy in the deep unfurling of what is within, what has been dormant, longing for life.

Feel your hunger, reach for light and warmth, and sense the quickening of your life force. Allow yourself to be here, bravely giving all of yourself to this shimmering and precious life.

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