Upcoming Book

Why is it that it is so easy to “get it” and so hard to “keep it” when it comes to making change?  To Have and To Hold: Loving Your Vulnerable Self to Live Your Biggest Life is the Rosetta Stone that decodes the mystery of why it is so easy to understand self help instruction, and so hard to implement and maintain it over time. 

To Have and To Hold is the missing link that allows people to make use of the good advice out there in a way that can be sustained.  It is more than a book on mastering anxiety.  It is more than a book on experiencing emotion.  It is more than a book on how to visualize and manifest what you want.  This book is a call to awaken to the true information in the biological signal of anxiety. It empowers people to do what does not come naturally and approach the discomfort in their bodies in a new and life altering way. 

To Have and To Hold is a radical guide to how we can make use of how we are built, in our bodies and our brains, to facilitate and accelerate growth, and to make our dreams come true.

Integrating an intimate understanding of the nature of anxiety with developmental psychology, neurobiology, body centered processes and human potential principles, To Have and To Hold empowers readers to risk entering into the felt sense of vulnerability at the heart of being human.  It passionately illuminates the one choice that we need to make in order to grow. 
The completed manuscript is currently under revision and plans are underway for publication.  More to come…