Testimonials for Sandra’s Writing and Video Work

(Please note: testimonials are unsolicited and no testimonials are from clients or former clients)

“Dr. Sandra Parker shows us the key to lasting personal growth.  Many teachers tell us we must be present.  Sandra tells us how: the key to sustainable change is really paying precise attention to our own bodies.  Her focus on the body experience of vulnerability as our opportunity to grow is simple, compelling, and powerful.

Sandra’s ideas are so inspirational and accessible that I have been able to immediately integrate them into both my personal life and professional work.   Little body sensations and behaviors such as picking at cuticles, shallow breathing or dry mouth become invitations to explore the messages from the body, rather than something to fight against.   This work fosters a relationship with the body that is deeply healing.”

– Patricia Kitchener, M.A., Registered Clinical Counselor, Registered Social Worker, Advisor: Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association

“Dr. Sandra Parker is a natural communicator with a unique ability to explain important insights with heart, humour and clarity. 

Sandra’s work on listening for our bodily signal to growth has transformed my relationship with myself and deepened my ability to help clients be with themselves when things feel difficult so that they can penetrate their core feelings.  Sandra’s passion for growth is contagious, and she continues to be an inspiration for me both personally and professionally.” 

– Cam Oxendale, Registered Professional Counselor

“Sandra’s understanding of the body and connecting to the emotions has been congruent and supportive of my teaching of the singing voice.  Her work affirms my approach to the singing student in developing the ability to fully communicate through the emotional core.”

– Erica Northcott, Head of Voice, Music Department, Douglas College

“Sandra’s message to attune to small signals in the body that speak of vulnerability so that you can matter and grow, resonates deeply.  As a psychologist, my clients have benefited greatly from Sandra’s wisdom. 
Through Sandra’s encouragement and modeling, I have grown awareness, acceptance and tolerance of my emotions, allowing me to not only be a better therapist, but also to be more present and compassionate with myself, my partner and my children. I can’t imagine a more precious gift…”

– Dr. Sheryl Tanco, Registered Psychologist

“I am a registered massage therapist and Sandra’s “tools and techniques” have deepened my ability to pay attention to the body’s tiny communications. 

The simple movement of a thumb may indicate a stressful trigger point that may be too intense, or a moment when the patient may be feeling a little less safe.  We can be gentle and nurturing towards the body and all its’ glorious tension, and discover the wonder of paying attention and how it can soothe body and mind.  I am more able to approach and care for myself in moments of vulnerability, and now know the felt sense of release as my body feels noticed and comforted.  As I share these practices with my clients they emerge, as have I, with a deeper sense of authentic presence.”

– Valerie Farnsworth, Registered Massage Therapist

“Sometimes I just close my eyes focus on the breath and use your videos as a guided meditation. What you’re teaching is a lot wiser than many monks I met while doing meditation retreats in Thailand. Keep the videos coming. Thanks :)”

– Aussie Pete (YouTube)

“This is really great. Thank you so much for posting. By allowing yourself to be “present” you help others to become present. I’ve been going through such a difficult period and have not been allowing myself to feel all of those emotions and this has helped me to see that that is okay 🙂 This has given me the courage to be present and ‘at home’ in myself.”

– FrenchFilmbug2 (YouTube)

“Your blog is fascinating and it is inspiring me to grow ever faster and with more focus into the man I want to be ! “

– Bogdan Morar

“I am indebted to you for your beautiful words on youtube.”

– Nushin Zaher

“I’m a member of a recovery network and I use your teachings to help the new guys (and not so new as well) your wisdom has help more people and saved more lives (not kidding) than you know.”

– John Taylor

“Your words resonate and make so much sense, which is helping me to understand the complexities of behavior, personality and mood. You are helping/have helped perhaps millions who are not so inclined to see a counselor. You are truly a beautiful person both on the outside and more importantly, on the inside.”

– Roger

“I found your comments really helpful and very relevant. I also find your explanation really clear. Thank you so much for posting these videos. :)”

– Erica Gallagher

“Thank you……really, really thank you….I am so scared to feel…Nobody I thought I could trust or believe has told me it is okay to feel…but you make it believable :)”

– Gaja Sela

“These are important lessons that everyone needs to learn… Great videos!”

– Paul Verge

“Thank you for this. I have had a drinking problem because of anxiety. Booze was a way for me to avoid the anxiety. I watched all your videos that you have on youtube and finally stopped running from and stayed with the signal anxiety. It was hard at first, but it worked. Every time it comes up I don’t run from it, and Its gone. I finally have some relief without having to take a drink. I feel light, free, and confidant that this may have saved my life. Thank you…”

– Sam F.

“As an NLP practitioner I come across a lot of my clients dealing with “Anxiety”. For them it’s difficult to manage what’s going around them let alone how to manage emotion. I came across your videos and felt a strong connection to you, and what you had to say really resonated with me. Thank you again, I look forward to learning more about you and topics on the matter. ”

– Kind Regards, Aaron Sanchez.

“Was just surfing for videos about authenticity and I found you. Just watched some of your videos. Thank you for being the blessing you are. I love your message. Thank you so much for being all you can be! We need more people like you who dare to let their light shine! ”

-Richad Degenaar