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Knowing We Are Vulnerable

This week’s blog entry is a re-posting of a blog I wrote a few years ago.  It includes video clip from a session about noticing the moment we realize that we are not in control of something that matters to us.  It is in that moment that we need to tune in to the body and feel what it means to be human, to be vulnerable.

Being human is fundamentally vulnerable.  There is so much that we long for and so little over which we have ultimate control.  Forces outside ourselves – time, aging, illness, emotion, and importantly other people – bear on the outcomes that matter to us.

The more we want something the more these limits stir up difficult feelings of tension and arousal in the body.

Vulnerability is a powerful growth force, but to benefit from it we need to develop our ability to be with what it feels like in the body.  When we do that we learn we are larger than the difficult circumstances we face…

Please click on the video to the right and feel free to share what you think and feel…

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