Growth & Therapy

Growth is simple – it is the natural unfolding of who you are meant to be. Like a seed that has been awaiting the right soil, sun and water, we only need the right conditions to emerge in our authentic selves.

We are built to grow. A deep part of us calls for our growth. We have everything we need within us. We need only the right experiences and thetime to digest them.

But the journey is not easy. There are obstacles, some wired into us and some outside of us. We all can benefit from support along the way.

Therapy is a relationship in which your growth is the priority for both of us.

This is a relationship between experts. You are the expert on you. I am the expert on transformation and growth.  I connect with the healthiest parts of you, mobilizing your innate wiring for growth.

We cultivate a way of being together that is warm, interested, and nonjudgemental so that you can risk feeling your human vulnerability.  So that you can feel what is deeply true for you, and can fully express that truth.

These are experiences, not just ideas, and in order to make change that lasts they need to be lived and felt, not just understood in the mind.

You bring your expert knowledge of yourself and :

  • willingness to engage in a relationship where you deeply matter
  • courage to feel and be in the body
  • openness to being surprised by who and what we find
  • and a commitment to stop treating yourself lovelessly.

So that you can emerge in all you are meant to be, confident in your ability to cope, and able to connect with yourself and others, sharing the gift of who you are with the world.