Structure & Fees

Our relationship is structured for safety and connection and growth, and has certain boundaries that define our respective responsibilities in the work we do.

I, as the therapist, strive to do four main things in our work together:

  • Be fully present with you to promote the development of a secure base from which you may explore and integrate all the aspects of who you truly are.
  • Facilitate and track the felt sense of bodily-rooted emotional experience.
  • Engage emotionally with you in order to co-regulate difficult feelings and deepen and strengthen your own capacity to deal with them.
  • Be a sounding board for your own inner wisdom, reflecting back your innate, wired-in disposition for healing.

You, as the client contribute your own special and personal knowledge of you.  You bring a commitment to work on the goals we agree to.  You always have the right to withdraw from therapy, and at no point will you be forced to do anything you do not choose to do. 

Fees:  The fee per session is $200.00.  A minimum of one month’s notice will be provided when fees are to be increased.

Appointments: Sessions are typically weekly and last 50 minutes.  A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment is required in order to avoid paying the full fee for the session.  

Confidentiality: All material from our sessions is completely confidential.  No material that could identify you will be disclosed to anyone outside the session without your consent.  Legal exceptions to this include: a) if there is clear threat of harm to yourself or others; b) if there is clear indication of current child abuse; c) if ordered by the courts.