Do You Want: Real Growth That Lasts?

True or False?

“I get excited about new ideas for living my life but can’t implement them.”

“I can follow a healthy program for awhile but then I fall back into old patterns.”

“I’ve tried lots of self help techniques, but they only work at the beginning.”

“I’m starting to feel like lasting change can’t happen.”

“I want a better life, and I understand so much, why I can’t follow through?”

“I felt like I was making big change for awhile, but now I’m stuck.”

“I want to grow, and to keep the progress I make.”

If you said true to one or more of the statements above you may need help with keeping the change that you make.  So many of us know the frustration of reading a new self help book, or hearing a motivational speaker, or watching a program on personal growth, hoping to make change in our lives, only to find ourselves unable to make and keep lasting change.

Why is it so easy to understand the good advice out there, and so hard to make use of it in a way that really sticks?

The secret is that change is vulnerable.  All change involves things that are uncertain, new, different, and not entirely within our control.  And the felt sense of vulnerability is a signal in the body that feels like threat.  If we cannot attend to and take care of that feeling of threat, we cannot be present and stay present.  We do not feel safe.  And if we do not feel safe we are not able to grow.

We need to be able to tolerate the felt sense of vulnerability that naturally arises when we try to make change if we are to sustain the changes we make and really grow.

To Have and To Hold guides you so that you can develop your ability to do this.