Do You Want: More Meaning and Purpose?

True or False?

“I feel empty inside.”

“I’m living in reaction to things occurring outside of me.”

“My life looks good on the outside but I sometimes wonder what it’s all for.”

“I seem to have lost my sense of where I’m headed in life.”

“I go through the motions but it doesn’t feel rewarding.”

“I want a richer experience of being here.”

“I want to feel connected to an inner source of guidance.”

If you said true to one or more of the statements above, you may be longing for more meaning and purpose in your life.

Personal meaning is central to a sense of aliveness.  It emerges out of a connection to who we are at our core, a connection to our emotional self.  Contact with that core sense of ourselves allows us to determine the important values that can then shape our actions and choices.  So that we are living proactively, from the “inside out”, rather than reactively, from the “outside in”.

When we have a sense of meaning we can find value and worth in activities and goals, our emotions and physical senses bringing a richness and vibrancy to our experience.  Meaning and purpose also provide a holding environment for us in times of difficulty, allowing us to maintain a sense of hope.

Meaning and purpose arise not out of ideas but out of core feelings.  And it is vulnerable to feel.  We need to grow our ability to tolerate vulnerability in order to access the deep emotional direction we each have inside of us.

To Have and To Hold guides you so that you can develop your ability to do this.