Do You Want Help With: Motivation?

True or False?

“I have trouble setting goals for myself.”

“I don’t really like what I’m doing, but I don’t know what else to do.”

“I feel overwhelmed when I’m under pressure.”

“I can’t focus myself unless I’m under pressure.”

“I can start things but I have a hard time sticking with them and finishing.”

“I tend to put things off until they are emergencies.”

“I can see what I want but I can’t harness the energy to get there.”

If you said true to one or more statements above you may need help with motivation.  Motivation is not a matter of willpower.  You probably already know that, because you have probably used willpower again and again to make change – on the very same issue.  Will is a short term device.  If you are looking for long term change you need to use the power of core emotion.

Emotion is the most potent driver of attention and behavior.  Emotion tells us what is important to us, focuses us, and gives us the energy to do something about it.

When something matters to us emotionally we are able to connect with complex subconscious brain structures to support us in attaining our goal.  We are able to set a goal and work in a consistent way toward meeting it.

But harnessing core emotion to motivate and energize us requires that we be able to tolerate and manage the felt sense of vulnerability that naturally arises when we have feelings.  We need to be able to notice, and pay attention to, and stay with the uncomfortable bodily cues that herald the flow of emotion under the surface of our experience.

To Have and To Hold guides you so that you can develop your ability to do this.