Do You Want: Help With Depression?

True or False?

“I feel like nothing really matters.”

“Life seems flat and empty much of the time.”

“I’ve run out of energy, and feel tired all the time.”

“I miss my old, happier, more optimistic self.”

“I’ve lost interest in things that used to matter to me.”

“I’m just going through the motions like a robot.”

“I feel like I am losing hope that things will improve.”

If you said true to one or more of the statements above you may need help with depression.

Depression is not sadness; it is a loss of connection with the powerhouse of core emotion inside us.  Depression is an experience of having lost touch with ourselves.  When we are depressed we have disconnected from the truth of our emotions, from the information and energy that flows through us like a river.  As a result we are paralyzed and stuck, and we lose hope that things can be different.

It is vulnerable to experience deep feelings.  If we have not had repeated experiences of being held in the heart and mind of another when we have faced intense emotion, we may have felt overwhelmed.  Overwhelm is a frightening state that leads us to shut down our feelings.

When we are able to reconnect with the flow of emotion, even if it is painful or difficult, we are able to reclaim our energy, concentration, passion, and aliveness.  We need to grow our ability to tolerate the felt sense of vulnerability in order to free ourselves from the suffocating numbness of depression.

To Have and To Hold guides you so that you can develop your ability to do this.