Continuing Professional Development

I am trained in a number of accelerated experiential dynamic therapies. Powerful and effective therapy is not just about thoughts and the mind, it must also include working with moment to moment processes in the body.  I am trained in tracking subtle psychophysiological shifts that help both the client and myself identify and dismantle defenses against fully experiencing their inner world.  

2012   Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Conference with (among others) Lou Cozolino and Dacher Keltner

2011   Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems: Developing and Expanding Core Consciousness to access Neuroplasticity with Albert Sheldon and Beatriz Winstanley

2010   International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association Conference with (among others) Allan Abbass, Robert Neborsky, Ferrucio Osimo, Patricia Coughlin, Jaak Panksepp, Jon Fredrickson

2010   Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems: Working with Neuroplasticity (Level II) with  Albert Sheldon and Beatriz Winstanley

2009   Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems: Working with Neuroplasticity with  Albert Sheldon and Beatriz Winstanley

2008   Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Principles with Dr. Josette ten Have-de Labije – Vancouver   

2008   Stilling the Mind: The Use of Mindfulness in Therapy with the Hakomi Institute – Vancouver

2007   Psychotherapy From the Inside Out: The Brain of the Mindful Therapist with Dr. Daniel Siegel – Vancouver

2006   Quantum Transformation in Trauma and Healing: The Dyadic Regulation of Affect in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy with Dr. Diana Fosha and Dr. Daniel Brown – Boston

2005   Affect Regulation and Repair of the Self with Dr. Alan Schore – Marcos Island, Florida

2004   Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Intensive with Dr. Diana Fosha – Los Angeles

2003   Attachment: Summer Institute with Dr. Gordon Neufeld – Vancouver

2002   Frontiers of Practice: Clinical Application of Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy – Bellevue, Washington

2002   Trauma, Dissociation, and Attachment with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. John Briere, Dr. Jennifer Freyd – Vancouver

2001   Attachment, Stuckness, and Defendedness: Summer Institute with Dr. Gordon Neufeld – Vancouver

2000   Beyond Pathology: Health, Wellness, and Spirituality – Vancouver

1999   The New Energy Psychology with Dr. Fred Gallo – Vancouver  

1999   EMDR  Level 1 and Level 2 Training and Certification – Vancouver

1998   Attachment and Psychotherapy Second International Conference – Toronto

1997   Trauma Theory and Psychotherapy: One week intensive  – Traumatic Stress Institute, Connecticut  Dr. Laurie Ann Pearlman, Dr. Karen Saakvitne

1996   Thought Field Therapy with Dr. Lee Pulos – Vancouver

1996   Imago Couples Therapy Intensive Training with Dr. Hedy Schlieffer – Vancouver