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Christmas gift your body

In this season of gift giving we remember those who have touched us through the year.  We buy and make and wrap thoughtful things as a gesture of care and appreciation.  We take the time to write a card or make a call to let those who matter to us know how much they do.

Yet your most intimate other, your closest friend, your most loyal ally is our own body.  Loving you with every cell of its being, existing only to give you a life as rich and full as you can stand, your body deserves  a gift from you.  And the most powerful gift you can give your body is your loving attention.

Christmas gift your bodyThis is a tall order this time of year, with demands for time and energy and attention coming from all directions.  This is the time of year when many of us ignore our bodies even more than usual.  No time to get to the gym or get outside for some fresh air.  Who cares how much fat or sugar or alcohol we ingest.  Rushing around and forgetting to breathe we make sure we get everything done even if it is over our dead tired bodies.

I’m not trying to Scrooge you out of your holiday fun.  Indulge and enjoy and be busy.  But also, if you could, take a moment to bring your consciousness toward the soft animal of your body and let yourself feel what it feels like within.

For just a moment let nothing in the whole world come between you and you.  Slow your mind a little.  Drop into yourself and breathe your awareness into the muscles of your body.  With precision notice the muscles in your neck… and shoulders… and back… and chest… and arms… and hands… and abdomen… and legs… and feet…  Exhale and open to whatever you find.  Let the truth of your beautiful vulnerable humanity resonate like a silver bell inside you.  Feel the vibration of your human limits and do not turn away from yourself.

Let your body know how much it matters to you.  Let it know it does not need to be good or quiet or without pain or anxiety in order to be loved by you.  Let it know it is worthy of this gift of attention.  Because it is.  And you are.

With love, Sandra

Photo Credit: Santa’ s perfect elves by DB

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