Dr. Sandra Parker
Author and Public Speaker

“I can see how this will help me be more effective with people in my life, both at work and at home.”

“It was so powerful to feel my anxiety and then to be able to soothe it by paying attention.”


“I can see now how when I manage my inner experience I am more powerful at managing other people.”

“Coming home to the body makes sense to me now.”

In Dr. Parker’s numerous speaking engagements participants listen, laugh and learn as they tune into signals in their bodies and discover their surprising key to personal growth and interpersonal effectiveness.

In talks and workshops for the public and for a variety of organizations and corporate groups, Sandra’s message has been widely praised for its usefulness, inspiration, and humour.

Sandra’s successful seminar series of three 90 minute talks: The Key to Growth, Embracing Growth, and Loving Your Vulnerable Self encourages participants to notice, tolerate and take care of little signals of anxiety in the body to promote maximum authenticity and resilience.

Her Bodies of Knowledge workshops (half day, full day and two day) are suitable for educators, parents, human resource professionals, and health care providers, helping increase motivation and decrease conflict while enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and fostering safety for maximum learning.

Sandra helps you become conscious of moment to moment subtle shifts in your own body, using them to guide you toward important inner information about yourself, and about those with whom you are in contact. The capacity to notice and take care of your inner signals is a central factor in achieving valuable goals, both professionally and personally.

Whether you are a teacher or other educator, a parent, a health care or service provider, a management professional, or someone who passionately wants to live their most powerful and authentic life, there is a workshop for you.

Sandra’s work is truly the “how-to” of the power of now, as you grow your capacity to awaken to the information in the present moment.

You will learn:

How to pay attention to yourself in the body, and why it is important.

How the brain is structured – and how safety is the most important factor in all interpersonal and learning situations.

Techniques to soothe feelings of vulnerability in the body.

How to make the link to others through your connection
to your own body, and how to create the optimal context for growth

Expect to grow your ability to:

  • recognize the sensations in your body that signal opportunities for growth
  • tolerate the discomfort of those signals without avoiding or “defending against” them
  • regulate the body until it is soothed, to create deep safety
  • harness the energy of core emotion for more authenticity and power
If you would like to speak with Sandra about presenting to your group, please feel free contact her for availability and fees.

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